Turnkey Products
One of the greatest challenges and expenses for organisations developing profit making ventures is developing solutions. Whether this be IT or human resources the cost benefit analysis never stacks up. my IP Group can provide many off the shelf products using smart card technology.
Products - GIS
Here are some examples of the GIS products that we utilise. From simple card readers to fully integrated turnkey financial solutions.


my IP Group Products.
The my IP Group utilise many products from suppliers worldwide to provide innovative solutions to complex problems.
These products encompass  hardware, software and utilise human expertise...


Web Development
We have developed many web based solutions for many companies

Dynamic solutions
We specialise in dynamic solutions, that is we utilise online databases to provide up to the minute information on web sites.
This can be as simple as reporting on sales or as involved as shopping carts, employee attendance, foreign exchange or stock control.

Please contact us for further information or a free no obligation quote on what you need.
Project Management
One of our areas of expertise is pulling together diverse technologies and people and melding them to a functional solution
In other words, superior Project Management
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