The MyIP Group Limited (MyIP) is a privately held company incorporated on 21st February 2005 by Edward Woodley. He established MyIP to meet the growing demand for solutions which require the level of security and multiple application deployment functionality that is a key feature of smartcard technology.

Through a long standing relationship, going back to the mid-80젷ith one of the worldଥading smartcard development company젇eneral Information Systems (, MyIP is able to develop and deploy smartcard solutions to address your Transport, Ticketing, Loyalty, e-Payments, Identification, Access Control, e-Voting, Registration, Licensing, and Network logon needs.

Our relationship with GIS encompasses the Australasian rights to technology developed by our GIS team in the UK which ensures that MyIP benefits from leading edge technology development while being able to develop our own solutions and intellectual property. GIS hold the worldwide patent for card-to-card secure data transfer and this protection gives MyIP a market advantage in closed loop, off-line transactions.

In December 2005, with only eight weeks to deliver a solution, MyIP developed New Zealand঩rst successful multiple location, multiple vendor, e-Payments, contactless smartcard solution. The intellectual property (Eventcash) is held by MyIP and is an example of the flexibility and efficiency MyIP brings to the market.

GIS technology either directly or through one of its two global license partners, MyIP Group (Australasia) and Smartnet (Brazil) operates in:

羚nt>    Aberdeen City Council, and Cambridge County Council

羚nt>    London Transport (Oyster), and London Bus (Access system)

羚nt>    Eventcash (Contactless e-payments)

羚nt>    Smartnet Brazil (Social Services)

羚nt>    Thales e-security (PSM), and Hitachi (Who Cares Trust)

羚nt>   Stowmarket High School (UK), Parkside School (UK)

羚nt>   Torfaen School (Wales), Glasgow Academy (Scotland)

羚nt>    Rabobank (Holland), ABN AMRO (Holland), FORTIS Bank (Holland)

About Us

Edward Woodley (Ted) IEng,  FIIE

Ted Woodley founded B&I Electronics Ltd in 1981. An electronics engineer,  registered with the Council of Engineering Instructions (CEI) in London, UK, he has over 46 years in consumer electronics in New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Ted has been involved with smart cards for nearly 12 years, in that time he has been:-
First in the world to receive cash transactions across the internet [TCP/IP] using a Mondex smartcard from a site in the UK[Exeter] to NZ
First in Australasia to interface a photocopier using a Mondex smartcard
First in Australasia to interface a building access module using a Mondex smartcard


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